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Welcome to my collection of old radios and related information.




Early Radio 1920-1929

In 1920 very few people had a radio. Imagine an AM radio costing as much as a used car! By the end of the decade radio was a common feature of modern life.

Golden Age 1930-1949

In the 30s radios were relatively less expensive and becoming part of the furniture. Television would soon bring about the the end of the golden age of radio.

End of an Era 1950-1970

There were a lot of cool radios made in the 50s but by the end of the 70s tubes were gone having been replaced with transistors.

Promotional Radios 1970s

By this time, transistorized radios were cheap and plentiful and found their way into novelty and promotional items.





Tube Art

Check out the artworkt on these early 01A tubes and parts boxes.

EKKO Stamps

Before QSL Cards or Neilson ratings EKKO stamps provided broadcasters with feedback from listeners; sort of.

Radio Collector Resources

Here is an asortment of links for radio clubs, restoration materials and repair information.

Communications Radios

This category is about shortwave, HAM and Citizens Band radios.