Tube Art

Check out the artwork on these early 01A tube boxes. The rarest item is probably the Redtop advertising top at the bottom of the page.

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buck01a cunnincham01a volutron01a goldseal01a
cunnincham01a deforest01a nationalunion01a radiotron01a
panama01a majestic sparton01a trailblazer01a
wls01a silvertone01a redtop01a


QRS Redtop Music Co. Promotional toy Top.


Restored versus Ruined

Original condition radios are becoming harder to find every day. Whenever possible original wood finishes should be cleaned and touched up. Avoid the urge to ever start sanding original wood veneers.

Don't plug that garage sale find into the first outlet available before checking the old capacitors. Toasted power transformers present a much more difficult restoration.