1950-1970 End of an Era

50's radios were still cool but soon vacuum tubes would be replaced with transistors, wood and bakelite with plastic. Radios found thier way into give-away promotional and novelty items.


Airline 19xx Airline Radio AM Broadcast Band
General Electric 19xx General Electric Radio AM Broadcast Band
RCA 19xx RCA AM Broadcast Band


detrola AM Broadcast Band
Stromberg Carlson


strombergcarlson AM Broadcast Band
Motorola 19xx motorola1 AM Broadcast Band


emerson catalin AM Broadcast Band








Restored versus Ruined

Original condition radios are becoming harder to find every day. Whenever possible original wood finishes should be cleaned and touched up. Avoid the urge to ever start sanding original wood veneers.

Don't plug that garage sale find into the first outlet available before checking the old capacitors. Toasted power transformers present a much more difficult restoration.